Whiskey a GOGO

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Let your taste buds be inspired with Whiskey a GOGO! Our eye-catching painting of funky wavy glasses pouring golden liquid whiskey, bourbon, and scotch will have you ready to take shots of your favorite! Even the nice pour glasses - with their wavy shape - will make for a real party! Beautiful art to decorate your home bar or man cave.

"Whiskey a GOGO"

So much Whiskey and so little time! WHISKEY, also spelled whisky, any of several distilled liquors made from a fermented mash of cereal grains and including Scotch, Irish, and Canadian whiskeys and the various whiskeys of the United States. Whiskey is always aged in wooden containers, usually of white oak.

 The rich golden honey color is always so beautiful in the glass. 

Q:  What is Dye Infused Metal finish?

Dye infused metal means the art is printed directly on vivid very shiny metal and is ready to hang. It's super lightweight and beautiful. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth. It is drop shipped directly to you and shipped separately is an artist statement personally signed ready to put on the back of the metal when you receive it. It is a super premium product and very popular.

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