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Customer's Love Drunk Girl Art


I love this cat portrait! It captures the true essence of cats. I love how the artist helps feed stray kitties ❤️ I am gifting to a friend with orange cats and know he will love it!


This is the third item I ordered from Drunk Girl Art. I love the blurred effect of each painting. Highly recommend.


Love this painting by Marilyn! It exudes energy and fun. Love all the vibrant colors, too. You can almost hear the clinking of glasses. I keep trying to find more spots in our home for her work.


This added a stunning pop of color on the wall above our coffee bar. It's been there for a while, but I still love looking at it just about every day. We get compliments on it every time we have people over.

Meet the Artist
Drunk Girl Art
Marilyn creates playful paintings about booze, beer, wine. whiskey, spirits, brands, coffee and cats. Each original is painted by hand and from there a digital file is created, opening up a world of possibilities for printing on various finishes in multiple sizes.
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