About Drunk Girl Art Meet the Artist

“About Drunk Girl Art: Meet the Artist!”

Marilyn, the founder of Drunk Girl Art creates paintings about booze and wine, whiskey, brandy, and coffee, and abstract cat paintings. From beer to martinis she loves the wavy lines of her art recreating her trips to Venice, Italy, and the reflections in the water.

After 25 years as an award-winning portrait photographer in Miami, Fl (Marilyn Photography) she turned to paint first portraits and then subjects. She developed a passion for mixed media which incorporates a long process of multiple photo references which she synthesizes into one image and digitally paints. That is printed on high-quality canvas and then enhanced with acrylic paints and mediums, dyes, pigments, and a variety of other materials. This method creates many layers of texture for each painting. There is only one original and it sells for thousands to collectors.

The original paintings are then converted to a final digital file that can be printed as giclee canvas, fine art paper, and dye-infused metals, and other substrates for collectors. Plus, gift items for everyone. Color and energy run through every painting. She brings inanimate objects to life with their shapes, colors, and textures.

She moved to Asheville NC in 2007 and has never looked back as she started her new art business. She successfully is in many galleries and restaurants in many states and has recently launched her new Instagram account under @drunk_girl_art in addition to her @msholin account. She is available for commissions for your home, bar, or restaurant. Drunk Girl Art is beautiful wall art and home decor with a little fun in it. 

Her collectors are worldwide and her books are owned by thousands. She is passionate about her art and cat rescue and is owned and is a servant to too many cats. She is quick to respond to emails and messages.

IG: @drunk_girl_art  @msholin