Drunk Girl Cat Art: We Help Rescue Cats


Cats Kittens Cat all are dear to our hearts. We are owned by a house full of indoor cats and then there are the "Outsiders" that adopted our deck for their home. All fixed and much loved. So doing silly cat paintings makes me happy. Support our rescues with food by "adopting" (purchasing) some cats to keep you company. Drunk Girl Art by Marilyn Sholin rescues and saves cats and kittens. The Abstract Cat Art is fun and silly which is how kittens should be. We have 8 rescues indoor cats and there are at least 5 or more "Outsiders" we feed twice a day and keep safe from harm. 

All Cat Paintings help to feed not only our cats but to support rescues everywhere. We are "cat whisperers" and nothing is better than a kitty on our lap to keep us warm. 

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