@warholpopart this is a @warholpopart... - Drunk Girl Art

@warholpopart this is a @warholpopart...

Go To Post     @warholpopart this is a @warholpopart not mine. Just wondering what you all think of this style? Maybe I’m the New Andy Warhol??? My art has a strong dose of @dalimuseum Dali and a sprinkle of @museupicasso Picasso for good measure. I create from scratch with a fairly complicated workflow but once I’m “In The Zone” it’s a great roller coaster ride. I have only a few spots open for commissions at a special price right now. Visit my site and talk to me. What’s your poison? Brand? Fun drink? Check out my latest Cinnamon Fireball painting. @fireballwhisky is always a good seller. Comment your thoughts on the Absolute Warhol painting. #fireball #drunkgirlart #warhol #picasso #salvadordali

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