Dewars Scotch Whiskey Painting

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Is it scotch or is it whiskey? Turns out it's a blend of both! Did you know that Dewar's White Label is the whisky of choice for highballs by the bartenders of Japan for unique smoothness and refreshing taste? It is blended scotch whisky. Amazing taste but even better the non-alcoholic version in a great painting for gifts and wall art. 

Framed in a classic black frame or printed on dye infused metal or a fine art print. They all will satisfy the Dewars lover. 


Q:  What is Dye Infused Metal finish?

Dye infused metal means the art is printed directly on vivid very shiny metal and is ready to hang. It's super lightweight and beautiful. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth. It is drop shipped directly to you and shipped separately is an artist statement personally signed ready to put on the back of the metal when you receive it. It is a super premium product and very popular.

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